Subverting Overconsumption is a project designed to critically and creatively engage with my personal consumption patterns and build awareness about practical and creative ways to consume more consciously.

The idea is this: buy nothing new for a year, and document what happens.

Exploring the challenges and possibilities that arise from consuming subversively, Subverting Overconsumption is based on the philosophy that real sustainability requires all humans to live within the means of our one planet.

Check out the Guidelines for Subverting Overconsumption that I set for myself to get started, and the Renewed Subversive Resolve that I’m bringing into 2007. This project aims to explore a more sustainable and conscious consumerism, involving (in part) participation in the secondhand economy, practising the three Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle in that order), and learning as much I can to support myself in the process.

Subverting Overconsumption is cultural production by Nikko Snyder. For more information on my work and life, visit

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