Just because I’m trying not to buy anything new for the next year doesn’t mean that I don’t want and/or need things. So this is my Secondhand Wish List, where I keep track of the things I am looking to acquire, and follow how and where I come across them.

If you have a line on any quality used stuff on the list, don’t be a stranger…Subvert Overconsumption!


  1. Mini fridge (10/31/2006)
  2. Desk (10/21/2006)
  3. Cordless mouse (10/21/2006)
  4. Digital sound recording device and mic (10/21/2006)
  5. A copy of Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life by Karen Rauch Carter (11/08/06)
  6. Toaster oven (11/27/06)
  7. Clock radio (11/27/06)
  8. Cross country skis and boots (12/22/06)
  9. Nikon digital SLR camera (2/05/07)
  10. Hockey stick (left shooting) (2/17/07)
  11. A copy of Found Style, by David and Amy Butler (2/17/07)
  12. Power cord for Ipod Mini (2/17/07)
  13. Couch (2/17/07)
  14. Queen-size bed (2/17/07)
  15. Upright piano (2/17/07)
  16. Dining room table (2/17/07)
  17. Cast iron frying pans (one small, one large) (2/17/07)

Sought & Found:

  1. Socks (sought from 10/15/2006; found 10/18/2006)
  2. Sweaters (sought from 10/31/2006; found on Value Village shopping spree, 11/04/06, along with a hair straightener, which I’ve been look for used for months but which for some reason never made it onto this list.)
  3. Keyboard with USB cable (sought from 10/21/2006; found 11/24/06. Greyhound box from mom arrived!)
  4. Blender (sought from 10/31/2006; found 11/24/06. Came in the box of stuff my mom sent, along with a bunch of other stuff I wasn’t looking for (she’s downsizing too).)
  5. Double or queen-size bed (sought from 11/22/06; found 11/24/06. My lovely roommate offered to trade beds with me! I tried to communicate the degree of my bed’s crappiness, but he insisted that his is too firm for him. So now I have a queen-size, firm, relatively decent bed. Hallelujah!)
  6. A copy of Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez (sought from 11/27/06; found at the Regina Public Library)
  7. Hockey skates (sought from 12/22/06; found 12/28/06 at Sports Exchange, Regina)
  8. Shoulder bag (sought from 12/22/06; found mid Jan07 at Value Village, Regina)
  9. House (yeah, like the live-in kind) (sought from 12/22/06; found February 9, 2007.)

Sought but Never Found:

  1. 2 tiaras (for my Halloween costume as a two-headed Miss Sideshow 2006) (sought from 10/23/2006)