I don’t think I’m really grasping this meme thing, but I’ll take a stab at it:

Adekun tagged me for a 5 things meme, which I gather means I’m supposed to divulge 5 things about myself and then tag 5 other blogs. And then Solnushka tagged me for the Thinking Blogger award meme (thanks!), which I guess means I’m now meant to mention 5 blogs I would nominate for such an award. Am I understanding this right? Is this some sort of exercise in viral marketing? Luckily I’m a good marketer.

I’m going to save time by combining the two. So first come the 5 things, followed by the 5 Thinking Blogs:

1) My favourite genre of movie is Action

2) I’m a sucker for the trumpet

3) This sort of exercise stresses me out

4) I don’t like cake

5) My favourite TV show is America’s Next Top Model (oooh, that one hurts)

Now for some good Thinking Blogs (whatever that means…I’m not entirely sure…but here goes):


obsessiveconsumption.com (not really a blog…well, I guess it’s an artblog…she drew all her purchases for 28 months…and she has an amazing series of Dead Mall photographs…good site)

www.briarpatchmagazine.com/news (conflict of interest, yes, but oh well)

homefordinner.blogspot.com (year round local eating in Saskatchewan…serious thinking required)

blogmichaelbell.blogspot.com (how could I overlook a blog that features such an incredible vid as this?):

xo n