misssideshow.jpgIf you’re an adult that celebrates Halloween, then last night was likely when you gussied yourself up in costume and hit the town. For my part, I managed to pull together a relatively decent costume without buying anything at all!

Going as a two-headed “Miss Sideshow 2006” ended up being better in theory than practice, but I would still call it a moderate success. My idea was to dress up like a beauty queen and attach a styrofoam head somewhere on my body. (Unfortunately, I couldn’t for the life of me manage to attach the head securely, and so just carried it around with me for the night.)

I was really hoping to find matching tiaras for the two heads to wear, and even added them to the Subverting Overconsumption Wish List in hopes that they’d magically manifest. Unfortunately they didn’t, but I did come up with some other fun recycled materials to use. Of particular note were the following:

  • The second head, which was just floating around my house when I moved in.
  • A great vintage dress that I found in Montreal.
  • Fingerless white satin gloves that I wore to my own prom (ironically, of course).
  • Fabulous vintage clip-on earrings, purchased new last summer from the best jewelry store on the planet, Morin’s in Assinaboia, Saskatchewan.
  • An elasticized fake pearl choker turned makeshift tiara.

Overall I was happy with the outcome and not overly constrained by the restrictions of Subverting Overconsumption. Here’s wishing you all a consumer conscious All Hallow’s Eve.

xox n

Second Head